Teacher Training

Online Course for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language / L2

Specialize in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language / Foreign Language (ELE) in Campus ELE.
Our professional training courses will give you all the training you need to start teaching and develop effectively in the classroom from day one.

Spanish (ELE) Teacher Training Courses

The courses are aimed at anyone interested in the teaching of Spanish as a second language / foreign language (ELE). Whether you are an active ELE teacher or wish to train for it, we at Campus ELE offer you all the methodological tools and strategies that will assure you a teaching of quality, development perspectives, and the ability to connect with the students.

All of our teachers work as professors in recognized universities and / or prestigious teaching centers. They all are specialized trainers in ELE teaching at an international level.

What Do Our Teacher Training Courses Consist Of?

Our Teacher Training courses consist of a series of lectures given by internationally renowned figures of the teaching of Spanish. These cover all areas of language teaching and offer valuable tools for the professional performance of Spanish as a Second Language / Foreign Language (ELE).
At the end of the course, and once you have been assessed on your knowledge, an "Online Certificate of Spanish Teacher" (certificate of achievement) will be issued.

Online Certificate Of Spanish Teacher

Online training modules + downloadable materials in pdf

Online Certificate of Spanish Teacher

Price and dates: COMING SOON

The courses are organized on a regular basis and are announced both on our website, through social networks, and through our newsletter (so follow us!).

Once the courses start, you will have several weeks to complete the videos and activities, always at your own pace. In this way you will acquire and consolidate the themes covered in the training.

The final exam can be accessed once all of the videos have been viewed and all of the activities related to them have been completed.


- 100% online: you manage your own learning, with total comfort, at your own pace and from the location of your choice.

- Training objectives: the courses will be established through a structured set of learning objectives organized in a step-by-step and logical way that will allow you to learn progressively and reliably.

- Active learning: the activities associated with the videos will allow you to reflect and put into practice the contents of the course, while you consolidate them in your memory and while they become part of your repertoire of teaching resources.

- Online advisor: you will have a teacher responsible for the teacher courses who will guide you at all times throughout the course.


- The courses are evaluated according to the formula Continuous Evaluation of each module + Single final evaluation.

- Continuous evaluation: Each module has an associated test / activity representative of a percentage of the final grade.

- Final evaluation: At the end of the modules, you will have access to an online certification final test to demonstrate your learning.

Whether you are an active teacher or want to train to become one, these are your courses. We show you how to teach and get the best results in the classroom.


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