Live Online Spanish lessons for children

  • 1:1 or group classes.
  • Qualified native teachers specialized in teaching children.
  • Adapted methodology: games, songs, and much more!
  • Custom schedules.
  • Inclusion of school curricula in classes.

1:1 or group lessons

Wide variety of individual and group courses. Look at our courses and, if you are interested in any and want more information, write us. You can also request a free trial class with one of our teachers.

quality teaching

Native teachers specialized in teaching children and teenagers. We take teaching very seriously, especially if it is for young students, so we only work with quality teacher profiles.


lesson recording

We record the lessons so that the students can see and review them, and so parents can see how their little ones are doing in class and check that they have attended class. In addition, parents can be present during lessons and learn with their little ones.


textbook and materials

We use textbooks with a special methodology for children and teenagers, all with the CEFR and Instituto Cervantes' seal. In addition, our teachers also have their own Campus ELE materials and we adapt the content to each student according to their interests and objectives.

follow-up emails

We send a follow-up email after each class with the contents made: so parents can verify the attendance and the number of classes taken, and the student can review and know at all times where the agenda is going.

adapted methodology

We work with an innovative methodology based on Total Physical Response (TPR), the Flipped Classroom and the Communicative Method, which ensures the perfect combination of success and fun.

Let's talk

If you want more information about our Spanish courses, please contact us: we will be happy to advise you personally

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